Women Empowerment Essay for Students In Very Easy Format

Women Empowerment Essay

Today’s topic is Women Empowerment Essay. Women empowerment describes women to hold equal rights and values politically, socially, and economically.   There should be equal respect and dignity for women as there for men in society.  Privacy and safety should not be taken away and there should not be any discrimination regarding the job, education, lifestyle etc. So today in the article we will discuss Women Empowerment Essay in very simple and easy words.

Women Empowerment Essay In 150 Words

Women Empowerment refers to the overall development of women and giving them equal right and opportunities. It empowers women to participate equally in every aspect may it be socially,  politically or economically.  Women empowerment aims at creating a society where there is no gender inequality and women is treated in the same way as that of man.

India before independence treated women limited to household chores only but with time as India developed, even more, the women became furious and protested for their rights.  There were many formulating strategies and the initial process started by the government of India in order to bring women into the mainstream of development.  Today women excel in every field and are setting examples even for men too.  Pratibha Patil ( first woman president of India), Kiran Bedi( first Indian IPS officer)  are perfect examples of few of the inspiration of women empowerment for the whole world.

Women Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment Essay In 250 Words

India is a country known for its traditions,  unity in diversity and its values.  From a very ancient time India is regarded as BHARAT MATA were motherland is worshipped and is given priority in lives after the same as a mother who gave birth. Even though,  women are considered as useless and are supposed only to stay at home and are denied from every right.  Women faced a lot of discrimination including Sati Pratha,  Child marriage,  Denial from education, jobs,  and employment,  racial discrimination, gender inequality.

Women empowerment is the process in which women are set independent with all the rights and powers as that of the men. Women are encouraged to follow their dreams and passion. They are given proper education and there are equal opportunities and participation for them in sports,  competitions, jobs,  politics, etc.  Women are considered to be the same as men in every field. Women empowerment develops the country and brings name and fame.

Women empowerment is necessary to ensure sustainable development of the country in every aspect and field. It not only affects the society but also the country’s economic condition, as it increases the quality and quantity of human resources for development. Women empowerment ensures that the society is not just male dominated and rights and powers are equally distributed between different strata of society and gender equality exists.  They should have total independence of their own life and lifestyle inside and outside if home. It gives equality to women in every field and that women should be treated equally to men in every aspect.

Women Empowerment Essay In 500 Words

Women Empowerment refers to the overall development as well as the progress of women in every field. It shows the development of women economically, politically and socially. Women empowerment describes women to hold equal rights and values politically, socially, and economically.  It gives equality to women in every field and that women should be treated equally to men in every aspect.

There should be equal respect and dignity for women as there are for men in society. They should have total independence of their own life and lifestyle inside and outside of their home.  Privacy and safety should not be taken away and there should not be any discrimination regarding a job, education, lifestyle, etc. It gives women the power to improve the quality of their life and to live an independent life.  It also gives them rights to take a decision in every aspect may it be education,  job,  choosing a life partner, etc.

Before independence women in India faced a lot of discrimination and women are considered only to stay at home at doing household chores.  But after independence, as India developed, even more, women started to raise their voice against discrimination.  Female foeticide was a major crime where a girl child killed in the womb of the mother itself.  The girl child was not allowed even to take birth.  If women gave birth to a girl, then she was disrespected socially. Further, the girl was not given her rights.  She was caged at home and was not allowed to do any except household work as her mother. All the outside work was considered to be done by men only.  As a result,  the outside world was regarded as the ‘MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY’.

The girls were forced to marry by 18 years of age or even less no matter if she was mentally,  physically or emotionally prepared for it.  All these were a reason that females were limited to homes,  taking cares of their child and family and women are not aware of the rights.  Though women were independent, the women were still in the cage. But after independence, there were a lot of incidences where women raised her voice and protested for her rights and independence.  India later became a role model of women empowerment when Mrs Pratibha Patil became the first woman president of our country.

Women like Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen represented our country at the international level and became Miss World and Miss Universe respectively.  Women were given equal opportunity in education,  politics, jobs and employment, etc.  They proved to be an equal holder of rights by excelling in every field.  Kalpana Chawla Became first woman astronaut from India, Kiran Bedi before became our first woman IPS officer.  They all set an example for us that there exists no difference between men and women and the only difference that exists is the poor and cheap mentality and mindset of people. Women are the creator of the world. She is the one who brings the lives of this planet.  They can be a sister,  mother,  wife or daughter but deserves every right and freedom as man does.  As rightly quoted ‘A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform’.

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Women Empowerment Essay In 1000 Words

Before knowing about the Women Empowerment, it is necessary to understand what is the real meaning of Women Empowerment! It means that the ability of women to take all decisions related to their own life itself. If the woman takes her step, the family moves forward, the village moves forward, and the nation also moves towards development.

We have been treating women as symbols of power since ancient times. Since then, we have met many such examples to see us, from which we call Women Empowerment. Although a woman is very good by nature, if any person oppresses a woman, she takes on her wild form and leaves it only after destroying that evil person. A woman in the face of a mother. In fact, Women Empowerment is an important contribution to our society! But some people still prove to be weak or even weak in women. This is the biggest mistake of those people. Because women are the biggest power of today’s era.

Gender inequality is India’s main social issue. In which the men are being forced to go back in the men’s main country. Just as a charioteer needs both wheels to run properly, it is necessary to empower women in the same way. Women’s power can be understood simply as such. Women Empowerment means that women have been told to be powerful. In which women can take a decision on their own life, and keep the head high in society.

If women can be able to maintain their identity in their own society, then they also consider it a symbol of women power. India is a man’s country, for which men have to take financial obligations and women have to take responsibility for their family responsibilities. As well as women there are also some restrictions. About 50% of India’s population is women. And their contributions to the development of the country have also been considered highly. But women of India have not yet been fully empowered, because they have been tied up with a number of restrictions. Therefore, the need for Women Empowerment is very important for reform and development in the nation. And women power should also give us respect.

If you talk about the properties of women they are very simple and sweet in nature. They also get lots of guts in them. Tolerance inside women is very high. If we look carefully, we get to see one thing in the woman – that the woman gets everything from childhood to old age, she does not even answer anyone. This thing is explained to the woman since childhood.

So even after marriage, one can follow every one of the in-laws’ laws. Apart from this, there is a virtue of struggle in women too! If she resolves to complete some task, it does not easily fall back. They constantly struggle to achieve the success of that task. This quality exists inside the woman. Insight is very much inside the woman, but if she grows higher than she is, that is, if someone teases her more then she takes the form of a woman – power, and seeing the power of the woman, behind the good things too.

From the first time, if you talk about today’s woman, we can see that many women have also been born in the past, who did not consider women as weak and faced fear of being courageous and fearless And redeemed six good signs of good. But the first woman was a little weaker. As we know, in the past, there were many practices related to women in the past, apart from this, not to include certain customs, women education, to employ women in the work of cable home, or to make their own decisions. Do not give up. This was the first time I used to see in the past.

But in changing times, in this modern era, we are seeing some kind of maladministration being closed. And the woman is not seen as weak but as a powerful woman. As we see today’s women taking part in the green area. Today, like men and women, doctors, engineers, collectors are becoming more and more. And then the Prime Minister of the country has also remained a woman. Nowadays, in every sphere of the country, we see women as the female chief.

Actually, women are not weak at all. A woman is the biggest power in the country and in the future, women will move forward. This is the truth. But with sadness, we have to say that our country is not safe in our country even today. Many types of tortures are also done on women in our country In order to empower women in India, it is necessary to first respect their rights and values in society. It is necessary for us to destroy the negative thinking that destroys women’s rights in India. Like dowry practice, sexual violence, illiteracy, inequality, domestic violence towards women, etc. should be eradicated! Due to this, culture in the nation brings a socio-economic and educational difference, which gives the possibility of heading back to our country.

If dreams of women empowerment are true, then it is important to pay attention to the importance of women and their education. Along with that, we have to develop our thinking towards women too. At that time, the woman’s power will receive her respect and rightfulness and it is the duty of all of us that we take the female power with respect.

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