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Jawaharlal Nehru is one of the most prominent people in India. He was the first Prime Minister of India. Here we present the essay at Jawaharlal Nehru in a very easy language. This essay has been written in the shape of various words, which will be very easy for students.

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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born on November 14, 1889, in Allahabad. He was the first Prime Minister of India. His father’s name was Moti Lai Nehru, a prominent lawyer. He got his early education at home, though he went to England to receive higher studies and returned to India again in 1912. Nehru was a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge and Inner Temple, where he trained to be a barrister.

Upon his return to India, he enrolled in the Allahabad High Court and took interest in national politics, which ultimately changed his legal practice. He became an advocate like his father. He later joined Mahatma Gandhi in the freedom movement of India.

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On the auspicious day of November 14, 1889 Jawaharlal Nehru was born. He was the first Prime Minister of India. His father’s name was Moti Lai Nehru, who was a prominent lawyer. He was a committed nationalist since his teen years, he became increasingly popular in Indian politics during the upheal of 1910.

During the decade of 1920, Indian Congress became the leader of the left wing groups and ultimately became the main leader of the entire Congress. During the freedom movement, he was sent to jail many times, though, after India’s independence in 1947, he became the first Prime Minister of India.

He was the giver of a famous slogan as “Aram Haram Hai“. He became the first President of the National Planning Commission and after two years, he started the National Development Council to improve the living standard of the Indian people to improve the development of life.

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Jawaharlal Nehru Was the first Prime Minister of India, He was a great freedom fighter. When he saw that the people of India were treated very badly by the British, then they promised to join the freedom movement and fight for India against the British. His patriot’s heart did not allow him to sit comfortably and forced him to join the Indian independence movement with Bapu and eventually he joined Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement.

He had to go to jail many times, though he did not get tired and continued his fight by suffering all the punishments. Finally, on August 15, independence was achieved in 1947 and the citizens of India chose him as the first Indian Prime Minister to lead the country in the right direction.

Dr Rajendra Prasad (late President) said about him: “The country is progressing on the path of progress under the leadership of Panditji”. Serving the country with his own difficulty, on May 27, in 1964, he died due to a heart attack.

Nehru’s administration established several Indian institutions of higher education, including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, and National Institute of Technology, and all five children of India have free and compulsory primary education for their five-year plans. Guaranteed.


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Jawaharlal Nehru is one of the most prominent personalities of India. He was born on 14 November 1889, at Allahabad.

Four pillars of Jawaharlal Nehru of domestic policies were democracies, socialism, unity, and secularism, and during his tenure as president, he was quite successful in maintaining a strong foundation for four. While serving the country, he enjoyed the prestigious status and was widely praised internationally for his idealism and politics.

Nehru brought together a wide range of interactive people and together they wrote one of the best of the world’s constitution. Most of the leaders who live for long, spoil the fundamental nature of the system. This happened in almost all the newly independent nations of the world including our neighbors.

Nehru made a name for India in world bodies. It was also good before independence. He managed to have a very cordial relationship with both the superpowers. It is notable that at the height of the Cold War at the beginning of the 60s, both the great powers agreed on one thing – they supported India. [Ideally, Nehru was the Foreign Minister of India, who had focused on all his energies, so that the person giving more household attention to the Prime Minister was to play the role.

In Asia and Africa, Nehru and his NAM were powerful voices in ending colonialism and slavery. East Timor and Goa were both Portuguese colonists. Indonesia occupied East Timor and occupied India, Goa. Three decades later, East Timor has now separated from Indonesia, while Goa is strongly a part of India. Nehru’s attraction often falls short. Making the nation is not easy.

On his return home, Nehru started advocating but he was not in his mind. India’s spirit was stinging like a thorn in his heart. He saw the independent environment of England, compared to that India was a non-inferior country. The British policy was responsible for the poor state here. On the other side, the Jallianwala murder case in Punjab shook their mind.

Nehru first participated in the Homarus Adolan, then started acting in the non-violent movement under the leadership of Gandhiji. After leaving the royal palace, wearing the clothes of Khadi and becoming a Satyagrahi. Non-cooperation has increased participation in the movement. After this, he offered whole life to the service of the country. From 1920 to 1944, many times jail and sorrows and tortures were there.

In 1929, Jawaharlal became the President of the Congress in Lahore session. Nehru ji demanded full independence in this session. With his ability and ability, he gave a new direction to the Congress. He was made Congress president several times. Nehru ji actively participated in the Quit India Movement of 1942 and was imprisoned for three years.

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